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Is there A Difference in the Neuropsychological Profile of HIV-infected Patients on Protease Inhibitor Monotherapy vs Triple Therapy? Print
A. González-Baeza1, C. Bayón1, I. Pérez-Valero1, M. Estébanez1, J.I. Bernardino1, S. Monge1, M. Lagarde2, F. Pulido2, F.X. Zamora1, M.L. Montes1, J.J. González-García1, J.R. Arribas1
1La Paz University Hospital, IdiPAZ, Madrid, Spain, 2Hospital 12 de Octubre, Madrid, Spain
Objectives: To compare cognitive domains function in HIV-infected patients treated with protease inhibitor monotherapy or triple therapy.
Methods: In this cross-sectional study we included patients without concomitant major neurocognitive confounders, who were currently receiving boosted lopinavir or darunavir as monotherapy (n=95) or as triple therapy (n=96) and had suppressed plasma viral load (< 50 copies/ml) for at least one year. Patients underwent a neuropsychological (NP) test battery, covering 7 domains. After adjustment, inter-group differences in test average scores and rate of deficits were analyzed in all NP measures.
Results: Both groups showed a similar general neurocognitive pattern. However, patients on monotherapy showed better verbal learning (p= 0.02; d= 0.28) and verbal recall (p< 0.01; d= 0.12) scores, while patients on triple therapy performed slightly better in motor skills with dominant hand (p= 0.02; d= 0.23) (table 1). There were no differences between groups in the proportion of patients with mild deficit (>-2SDs ≤-1SDs). Patients on triple therapy showed higher proportions of moderate deficit (≤ -2SD) in the Trail Making Test form A (monotherapy 0%,triple therapy 5.3%; p= 0.03) and form B (monotherapy 0% ,triple therapy 5.3%; p= 0.03).
Conclusions: Although we found some differences in verbal memory and motor measures patients receiving effective protease inhibitor monotherapy had, overall, a similar NP pattern than patients receiving triple therapy.
NP MEASURETripletherapy Mean (standard deviation)Monotherapy Mean (standard deviation)Effect Size (Cohen's d)p value (crude)Regression Coefficientp-value (adjusted)*
Verbal learning54.3 (8.7)56.9 (10.5)
Verbal recall43.3 (10.6)46.2 (11.9)<0.01
Motor skill- dominan hand47.2 (13.7)44.1 (14.0)0.230.12-4.680.02
[Table 1]

*Adjustment variables included were: treatment, years on ART, triglycerides, marihuana use, type of PI prescribed, vocabulary score, nadir CD4 count, HOMA index and vocabulary test score.

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NEUROPSYCHOLOGIST Alicia González-Baeza , La Paz University Hospital, IdiPAZ , Madrid , Spain

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