Abstract PE8/26
Dual Therapy with Etravirine Plus Raltegravir for Virologically Suppressed HIV-infected Patients: A Pilot Study Print
P. Monteiro1, I. Perez1, M. Laguno1, M. Martínez-Rebollar1, A. González-Cordon1, M. Lonca1, J. Mallolas1, J.L. Blanco1, J.M. Gatell1, E. Martínez1
1University of Barcelona, Infectious Diseases Unit, Hospital Clínic, Barcelona, Spain
Background: Clinical use of both protease and nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors may be hampered by toxicity, interactions or resistance issues. Simple and effective antiretroviral regimens avoiding both drug classes may be needed for selected patients.
Methods: Virologically suppressed patients on PI or NRTI regimens with problems of tolerability, safety concerns due to concurrent co-morbidities or risk of drug interactions to both PI and NRTI drugs, were offered to have their regimens switched to etravirine plus raltegravir. Patients were required not to have prior virological failure to raltegravir and if prior NNRTI virological failure, only those patients with genotypic resistance data in which expected efficacy of etravirine could be anticipated through Stanford Drug Resistance Database were included. Patients were followed for at least 48 weeks, unless lost to follow-up or therapy discontinuation.
Results: Twenty-five patients were included: 52% men; median age 54 years, 20 years from HIV diagnosis, 16 years on antiretroviral therapy and 9 previous regimens; 84% with previous virological failure and 60% had genotypic test showing ≥ 3 NRTI mutations in 60%, ≥ 4 PI mutations in 73%, and at least 1 NNRTI mutation in 32% patients. One (4%) patient died, two (8%) discontinued due to intolerance and one (4%) experienced virological failure. CD4/CD8 ratio and plasma lipids improved.
Conclusions: Dual therapy with etravirine plus raltegravir therapy was well tolerated and maintained durable viral suppression in selected virologically suppressed patients for whom both PI and NRTI therapy was challenging.

Assigned speakers:
Polyana Monteiro , University of Barcelona , Barcelona , Spain

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17.10.2013, 12:00-14:00, Poster Session, Poster Session 1, Exhibition
18.10.2013, 12:00-14:00, Poster Session, Poster Session 2, Exhibition