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07 May 2015

08 May 2015

09 May 2015

10 May 2015

Plenary Session
Parallel Session
Free Communication
Meet the expert
Opening / Closing Ceremony
Closed Meeting
Poster Exhibition
Open Meeting
Assessment & measurement tools
Audit & quality improvement
Basic & translational research
Development and organisation of services
Family & care givers
Health services research
International developments
Medical sociology
Meet the expert session: Core competencies in palliative care social work: What next?
Meet the expert session: Electronic Palliative Care Coordination and Decision Support Systems
Meet the expert session: European Palliative Care Academy – Leadership Course
Meet the expert session: Family carers: evidence based practice
Meet the expert session: Global Palliative Care Development and the WHA Resolution on Strengthening Palliative Care
Meet the expert session: How to implement evidence based medicine (EBM) into clinical practice by means of care pathways. A clinical and health policy perspective
Meet the expert session: Improving spiritual care in clinical practice
Meet the expert session: Integrated palliative care
Meet the expert session: Palliative Care for people with heart failure
Meet the expert session: Palliative Care in Neurology
Meet the expert session: Palliative care in prisons and correctional facilities
Meet the expert session: Quality improvement in palliative care with the help of indicators: the EU-funded IMPACT project
Meet the expert session: The future of Hospice and Palliative Care from a volunteering perspective
Meet the expert session: The science of planning and conducting clinical research in palliative care
Meet the expert session: The use of steroids in cancer patients with advanced metastatic disease
Meet the expert session: What is known about specialist education for Palliative Medicine?
Other symptoms
Palliative care for older people
Palliative Care in Children and Adolescents
Parallel session: Assessing and managing breathlessness in palliative care
Parallel session: Bridging research & policy: economic evaluation in palliative care
Parallel session: Building bridges between countries: Reporting research to have international resonance
Parallel session: Controversies around palliative care for people with dementia: building bridges between palliativists and other specialists
Parallel session: Debate: Hospices that provide comfort care only, undermine the palliative care commitment to individualized, goal-focused care
Parallel session: EAPC cancer pain management guidelines: Update of pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment recommendations, including guidance to assessment and classification
Parallel session: Examining trends in place of death: methods, results and meaning
Parallel session: How to develop palliative care in the community throughout Europe
Parallel session: How to undertake research on meaning making and existential issues
Parallel session: Implementation of Advance Care Planning
Parallel session: Implementing Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) in clinical practice: guidance and experiences
Parallel session: Improving quality of palliative care in long term care facilities in Europe: first results from an EU funded project PACE (FP7)
Parallel session: Moving forward in Bereavement Care: emerging issues in service delivery in Europe
Parallel session: Moving forward spiritual care in Europe: The EAPC Spiritual Care Taskforce
Parallel session: Paediatric Palliative Care: Moving forward
Parallel session: Palliative sedation in a European context: epidemiology, practice and guidelines
Parallel session: Public health approaches to support evidence based palliative care practice
Parallel session: Recruiting to palliative care studies in Europe – developing recommendations for best practice
Parallel session: Sleep disorders, anxiety, depression: complex syndromes in advanced cancer patients and how we can manage them better?
Parallel session: User involvement in palliative care – do we need bridges between the knowledge of professionals, patients and relatives?
Plenary session: Bridging between loss and meaning: state of the art and science
Plenary session: Building bridges: to where and what next in the world?
Plenary session: Debate: Individual autonomy versus relational autonomy in the context of clinical care in different parts of Europe
Plenary session: EAPC Early Researcher Award lecture
Plenary session: State of the science in managing psychological distress
Plenary session: State of the science in the assessment of and support for the family
Plenary session: Strengthening the role of palliative care at a time of austerity
Plenary session: The role of systemic inflammation in the pathophysiology of symptoms of advanced cancer: state of the science and clinical implications
Psychology and Psychiatry
Public Health & Epidemiology
Research methodology
Social care and social work
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