Special Session
General HPB 
Thursday 6 September 08:00 – 09:30   Room C
SS06 IHPBA Meets Compagnons: Education in HPB Surgery 
Symposium jointly hosted by IHPBA and Compagnons
Henri Bismuth, France
Oscar Andriani, Argentina
SS06-1  How Should We Train the HPB Surgeons of Tomorrow
Oscar Traynor, Ireland
 20 min
SS06-2  The Evolution of HPB Surgical Training in North America
Ellen Hagopian, United States
 20 min
SS06-3  Mentorship, and the Need for Excellence in Surgery
Eduardo de Santibaņes, Argentina
 20 min
SS06-4  Gilles Mentha Lecture - Colo-rectal Liver Metastasis: The Need for an Enhanced Surgico-Pathological Collaboration
Laura Rubbia-Brandt, Switzerland
 20 min
  Discussion 09:20-09:30
 10 min