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19.09.2013 09:00-12:00   Room: Space 4
WG6 Disorders of Sex Development (DSD): Information and Communication in the Context of DSD 
  • Anna Nordenström
  • , Stockholm, Sweden

  • Shinobu Ida
  • , Osaka, Japan

  • Paul-Martin Holterhus
  • , Kiel, Germany

  • Carlos Alberto Longui
  • , São Paulo, Brazil

WG6-112  DSD: biochemical information necessary to reach a diagnosis Abstract
  • Christa Flück
  • , Bern, Switzerland

WG6-113  Chances, pitfalls, risks and how genetic information should be relayed to the clinician Abstract
  • Ken McElreavey
  • , Paris, France

WG6-114  Communication around the DSD patient in the clinical setting Abstract
  • S. Faisal Ahmed
  • , Glasgow, UK

WG6-115  Decision impossible - what does the parent want/need to hear? Abstract
  • Julia Marie Kriegler
  • , Berlin, Germany

  Coffee break 10:15 – 10:45

WG6-116  Communication with children and adolescents about their DSD condition Abstract
  • Tom Mazur
  • , Buffalo, USA

WG6-117  The I-DSD registry update Abstract
  • Jillian Bryce
  • , Glasgow, UK

WG6-118  dsd-LIFE: Clinical European study on the outcome of and experiences with hormonal therapies, surgery, psychological support and psychological intervention in DSD Abstract
  • Birgit Köhler
  • , Berlin, Germany

WG6-119  DSDnet: building a network for studies of differences of sex development Abstract
  • Olaf Hiort
  • , Lübeck, Germany