Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)
Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing (SAP)
Track: Research and Innovation
Keynote (KEY 03) 
20.10.2014 14:30-16:00   Plenary Hall
Big Data / Systems Biology and Systemic Medicine 
Healthcare produces data, Big Data. Every day laboratory results, patient histories, trial outcomes, surgery reports and many more are turned out by healthcare systems worldwide. Today modern ascertainment systems, storing devices and the Internet make it possible to collect, save and share all this data.

These circumstances provide great opportunities for the medical world and bring enormous potential especially in the field of Systems Biology in which establishing models based on big amounts of data is a central element. However the potential of Big Data has not been reached so far.

In order to do so in future this keynote will focus on the four main issues which need to be addressed. First, Medicine needs international and homogenous standards how data should be collected and stored. Second, tools to process and utilize these quickly changing masses of data need to be established. Third, the question on how Big Data can be shared and exchanged in the best possible way to have the biggest impact needs to be addressed. Forth, the risks of Big Data like the violation of patient privacy and data safety and possible data abuse needs to be discussed.

The result of this keynote will be a suggestion from all involved stakeholders by what standards Big Data will be captured, processed, used and shared in a secure manner that takes patient privacy into account.. These decisions will clear the way for a modern medicine benefitting from the potentials of Big Data while being prepared for its risks.
  • Georg Schütte | State Secretary | Federal Ministry of Education and Research | Germany ()
  • Muir Gray | Director | National Knowledge Service | Chief Knowledge Officer | National Health Service | United Kingdom ()
  Garuda Platform: An Integrated Software Solution for Data-Driven Medical Sciences
  • Hiroaki Kitano | Professor | Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University | Japan and President | The Systems Biology Institute | Japan ()

  In Memory Databases, a Cornerstone for the Development and Delivery of Viable Models and Systems in Medicine

  • Christoph Behrendt | Senior Vice President | Head of Products and Innovations Industry Cloud | SAP | Germany ()

  Transforming Healthcare: A Proactive Medicine that is Predictive, Preventive, Personalized and Participatory (P4)
  • Leroy Hood | President | Institute for Systems Biology | United States ()