Abstract FP15-05-OPL
Ranjan R.1, Kumar S.2, Kumari R.1
1Awadah Medicare, Bikramganj, India, 2Sanjivani Eye Hospital, Patna, India
Purpose: Retrospective study to assess the success of no flap External DCR with 0.4mg/ml Mitomycin c syringing by measuring post-operative osteum size changes, patency of osteum using nasal endoscope and improvement of symptoms .
Methods: 2768 patients were included in this study qualifying inclusion criteria. All the patients were operated by single surgeon from September 2011 to March 2018.In all the patients no flap technique with Mitomycin c syringing on 5 th post oprative day. Osteum size changes were measured on One month, two months, three months, six months and one year
Results: osteum size shrinkage was marked in first three months , after that it's nearly stable and found 4-5 mm oval/round in shape at one year with success rate with 98.67%(2131).
Conclusions: Results were analysed and compared with results available for various techeniques . Results were analysed and compared with results available for various techniques . It was found that " No Flap method" is easy to perform with a reliable, comparative result and is less cumbersome.
The success rate in this study was 98.6% (95% CI: 98.1-99.1%). The success rate among published researches varies from 70% to 100%. The sample sizes of the various studies published ranged from 19 to 176.The sample size of this study was 2768 patients. Hence the success rate of this study is significantly better than the previously published reports. This may be due to the large sample size of the current study.